Heart Disease, Heart Attack, Simptoms of Heart Disease, Cardiac Disease, Foods for Heart Disease, Foods to Avoid for Heart Disease

Healthy Life Styles - The heart is an organ that plays an important role in the human body. The heart works with a systematic and orderly. The heart works to pump blood around the body so that the body get the oxygen and nutrients needed for metabolism.

The heart is a sensitive organ that must be maintained properly, so the furthest from various diseases such as Coronary Heart Disease and Heart Attack.

Hence, Heart Make Valuable Assets As you have, because the health of the heart can not be exchanged for money, I say that because a lot of money will be wasted if your heart is not healthy.
heart disease

Symptoms of Heart Disease

Heart attack symptoms are frequently characterized by multiple symptoms, among others:


Fatigue or tiredness are symptoms most often experienced and can indicate a lack of rest, side effects or drug consumption could also be due to other medical disorders. However, extreme fatigue can be a symptom of a heart attack. In one study proved that in more than 70% of the subjects surveyed were experiencing fatigue from several days to weeks before a heart attack.

2.Sleep Disorders

In one study showed that almost half of women who have heart attacks experience sleep disturbances in a few days before the attack.

3.Shortness of breath 

Often find it difficult to take a deep breath, but you do not have asthma? Experienced shortness of breath while running the day-to-day activities may be an early symptom of a heart attack.

4. Heartburn

Nearly 40% of women who have heart attacks also experienced heartburn and an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach a few moments before the attack. When having a heart attack, women experience digestive tract problems 2x more often than in men.

5. Anxious

More than one third of women experience extreme anxiety as early symptoms of a heart attack. So if you suddenly feel anxious without reason and not as usual, it's good if you immediately visit a doctor. 

6. Pain

Although chest pain is a classic symptom of a heart attack, but only 30% of women who reported experiencing these things. Women often reported to experience pain or discomfort in the area of ​​the body such as the back, neck, shoulders and arms or even in the jaw and throat.

7.Dizziness and Sweating

Nearly 40% of women who have heart attacks experience dizziness or lightheadedness were accompanied by cold sweats. Dizziness experienced a sudden it could be also a symptom of stroke, so immediately went to the doctor for preventive action.

Cardiac Disease

Cardiac disease is a condition in which the heart loses its ability to function normally. To help the heart to work normally, need to set a healthy diet and diet.

Diet for Heart Disease

Dietary goals for heart disease are insufficient intake of balanced nutrition without the burdensome work of the heart, prevent or reduce and even eliminate the accumulation of salt and water, as well as help with weight loss if obese.

Food for Heart Disease

  1. Bread, noodles, macaroni, biscuits, rice flour, corn flour, wheat flour, potatoes, sugar, brown sugar, honey and syrup 
  2. The beef, chicken, fish, eggs, and low-fat milk in limited quantities
  3. Soybeans and soy beans processed products such as soy milk, Tempe and Tofu.
  4. Vegetables that does not cause gas such as spinach, kale, buncs, string beans, carrots, tomatoes, squash and bean sprouts.
  5. Fresh fruits such as banana, papaya, oranges, apples, melon, watermelon and sapodilla.
  6. Corn oil, soybean oil, butter, margarine in limited quantities and are not used for sautéing and frying, 
  7. Coconut or thin coconut milk in limited quantities
  8. Tea, and chocolate syrup.

Foods to avoid for Heart Disease

  1. Food alcohol-containing and gas such as yams, cassava, cassava carbonation, sticky rice, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, jackfruit and durian.
  2. The beef and chicken fat, lard, sausage, ham, viscera, brain, crabs, mussels, cheese and full cream milk.
  3. Cashew nuts, peanuts, Bogor and all kinds of other dried beans.
  4. Coconut oil, palm oil and coconut milk.
  5. Coffee, Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages
  6. Pungent seasoning like cayenne pepper

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