How to skin care to glow naturally

Skin Care - Having a healthy and bright skin would be the dream of every person, be it male or female. But usually the most concerned with skin beauty is women. Not surprisingly, many women who are willing to do maintenance at a very expensive cost just to get skin glow.
But do not worry because at this time many alternatives that you can try to brighten the face naturally. With natural treatments will certainly avoid the side effects and certainly more cost-effective.

Here are some ways to enlighten faces naturally:

#1 Yogurt

One way to enlighten the face naturally you can try is to use yoghurt. As we know that yogurt is one of dairy products. Yoghurt rich in nutrients is very good for skin health and lactic acid content in yogurt can help brighten the face.

How to brighten the face using yoghurt is by applying yoghurt evenly to the face. Let stand a few minutes and wipe with warm water. Do this routine once a day. For better results can mix yoghurt with honey.

#2 Orange

Orange is one type of fruit rich in vitamin C. Citrus can used as a natural herb to brighten the face because it is rich in vitamin C as an antioxidant.

How to use it is by mixing orange juice and a bit of turmeric powder. Apply on face or neck before bed. Another way is by mixing orange peel powder and yoghurt then apply on the face evenly and let stand for a few minutes, then wash with clean water.

#3 Honey

Honey has many benefits for health. One of them to brighten the skin naturally. The way just by applying honey on the face evenly and let stand for a few minutes to then washed with clean water. Do it regularly for better results.

#4 Aloe vera

For the application is very easy that is by cutting the aloe vera can taken in the gel-shaped inside. Then apply evenly on the face, let stand a few minutes and rinse with clean sir. Do it regularly and regularly.

#5 Jaws

Jaws become one of the natural ingredients that are often used to brighten facial skin. How to use it is very easy that is to smooth the yam by the way in the scar and strain. Allow the juice of the yeast to settle to then the white precipitate used to the skin evenly and let stand a few moments before washing.

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