How Do You Choose Foods That Contain High Fiber ? Read how to choose high-fiber foods here

High-Fiber Foods - Fiber is a nutrient that can not be digested by the body, but is beneficial to health. There are two kinds of fiber, namely insoluble fiber and soluble fiber.
High-Fiber Foods
Insoluble fiber in water has the effect of attracting water and giving mass to the stool, so the feces becomes softer. Indirectly, this condition will cause bowel movements become more regular, and the stomach feels more comfortable and not bloated. This will also make it easier for your child to defecate regularly. This type of fiber is found in whole grains, cereals made from wheat, and vegetables such as carrots, mustard greens, and tomatoes.

While water-soluble fiber is beneficial to stabilize blood sugar and lower cholesterol. Examples of foods containing fiber of this type include oatmeal, nuts, and fruits. There are also various foods that contain both types of fiber.

Here are tips on choosing foods that contain high fiber.

Foods that come from plants

Fiber is found only in foods that come from plants. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and wheat are examples of dietary fiber sources. Fruits whose edible skin, such as apples and pills, generally contain more fiber than fruits whose skin is not edible, such as oranges.

Choose natural foods

The more naturally a food, the more likely it is to have lots of fiber. The processed food has lost a lot of fiber. Examples of processed foods are white bread or canned fruit.

Avoid white foods

White foods are foods that change color to white after being processed. For example white bread, white rice, or sweet bread. These foods have lost most or all of the fiber they contain as a result of processing.

Read the label of nutritional content in processed foods

Some processed foods are specifically added to replace the natural fibers lost during processing. For example, on a particular brand of yogurt or cereal. To find out the fiber content contained in the food, you can find out through the labels on the packaging.

From now on provide fiber-rich foods for children. Because foods that contain lots of fiber is able to facilitate the child defecate regularly.

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