Feeling bored in taking care of your sensitive skin? Eliminate that feeling by reading the tips here.

Is your skin sensitive? or You just do not realize that your skin is sensitive?
Sensitive skin is characterized by several symptoms. As easily irritated and arise redness, burning, itching, burning, or peeling.

Another feature of sensitive skin is the absence of pores but the skin tends to be rough, sometimes red, and many lines of wrinkles in the face area when the skin is pulled. The skin also often looks like white dust (which is the release of the top layer of skin) when the skin is gently scratched.

These may be related to a history of allergies in the family, or may not be accompanied by the history. Sometimes the condition / exposure of certain substances can be identified as a trigger for the emergence of sensitive skin complaints.

It is important to know the trigger factors to avoid them later on. For example, excessive exposure to sunlight, the use of certain cosmetics, and exposed to air that is too hot / cold. In fact, sensitive skin symptoms can also appear when the owner experienced psychological stress and menstruation.

Often sensitive skin owners feel disturbed and uncomfortable with their skin condition. Take it easy, consider some tips on caring for the following sensitive skin:

Diligently apply moisturizer, especially after bathing. 
Choose a moisturizer that does not contain perfume or exfoliating active ingredients, as it will aggravate sensitive skin irritation.

Repeat the use of moisturizer several times a day if needed. 
Good basic ingredients to moisturize the body, including olive oil, jojoba oil, urea, hyaluronic acid, dimethicone, glycerin, lanolin, and petrolatum.

Avoid excessive exposure to ultraviolet light
If it's a lot of outdoor activities, use sunscreen regularly.

Do not wash your face with warm water, because it tends to make sensitive skin becomes drier and easier to irritate.

Should not wash your face with soap that is too alkaline. 
Choose a soap with a normal skin pH of about 5.5. Also, do face wash briefly and not too often.

Avoid cleansing the face with scrubs or fine granules, as they may cause redness and irritation of sensitive skin.

Expand the consumption of fluids. 
Fluids are not only water, but also from vegetables and fruits. Eat vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins A, C, and E, because it is useful for skin health.

Another thing that is not less important in is careful in choosing beauty products. As much as possible, use cosmetics that do not contain preservatives and perfumes. If necessary, experiment before using it all over the face (eg on the back of the ear, neck, or back).

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