Simple Way to Overcome Pain Without Drug Joints

Healthy Lifes - Joints are one part of the body that serves to hold the body frame. The presence and health of the joint is very important for the body because it serves to stretch, twist and move.

When you are exposed to joint pain then all your daily activities are also disrupted, because the sense of pain that usually follows this disorder. 
Simple Way to Overcome Pain Without Drug Joints
Here are some tips you can do to treat joint pain.

1. Keep your weight normal

A study in Canada reported, those who are obese are three times more likely to do knee joint surgery than those who have normal weight.

"People who are overweight and lose weight about 5 kg have been shown to halve the risk of developing knee osteoarthritis over the next 10 years," said Dr. Sarah Brewer of LQ Liquid Health Joint Care. According to him, yoga and pilates exercise is a good way to improve joint health.

2. Do not repeatedly do repetitive movements

All the activities you do every day can cause joint pain, especially when you do repetitive joint movements.

According to Jamal A. Mikdashi, MD, professor of medicine from the University of Maryland Medical Center, the condition of a truck's spine osteoarthritis can get worse because of its daily tasks.

Rest and stretching is believed to help you work better.

3. Consumption of healthy fats

According to Bonita S. Libman, MD, Associate Professor of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology at the University of Vermont, omega-3 fatty acids may contribute to relieving joint pain.

You need a fairly high daily dose (2,000 to 3,000 milligrams) to relieve joint pain. This natural healthy fats you can get from salmon.

4. Try not to fall

As you get older, you must prevent any activity that risks making you fall. If you have suffered from arthritis, then this pain can make your body easily wobbly and risk making you fall. If this happens, the pain will progressively become and create new damage to the joint.

5. Enough sleep

Studies show that lack of sleep time can cause a person to experience a variety of pain, including joint pain. Unfortunately, for people with arthritis, sleep is a challenge, because joint pain can wake her from sleep. However, if you suffer from joint pain, try to keep sleeping with quality.

6. Avoid stress

If you are experiencing knee pain or joint pain, stress can make the pain in your joints worse. Many people with joint pain feel deeper pain due to tense muscles.

Take a deep breath to calm all the stress coming. Meditation, massage and acupuncture are a good option to repel stress.

Do not forget that calcium and vitamin D also play an important role in improving joint health and keep you from joint pain. Intake of mineral-rich foods is very important to help your bones become more robust, while reducing the risk of osteoporosis. But if you still feel pain joint pain, consult a doctor immediately.

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